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Author Topic: Prepared the S4 for the Chilly months this weekend  (Read 660 times)
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Prepared the S4 for the Chilly months this weekend
« on: August 07, 2016, 10:13:56 PM »

Well this weekend I decided to dig into the Audi S4 to prepare her better for the upcoming winter months, as this year and summer has seemed to have flown by.

For a short backstory, if that is possible with my bunny trails.. LOL..  Towards the end of this past winter I noticed the heater not blowing as warm as it has in the past. With the help of some DIY articles I fashioned a home brew heater core flush kit. Unfortunately when affixing the hose to one of the inlets I unknowingly broke one of the inlets. Sad   I guess 300k miles of massive heat had taken its toll. I noticed a few weeks later there was a constant coolant leak which was coming from the heater core inlet. As it was nearing summer by then, I just picked up a hose coupler and bypassed the heater core. Well fast forward to this past week and I noticed it getting a bit chilly, a bit sooner than I thought it should but I guess fall is upon us.

Anyway, ECS was having a sale a couple months back for a FEBI branded heater core for $5, so I've had it sitting on the bench, just not enough time, interest or.. probably more likely, motivation to swap it out. Well, until this weekend.

For those of us in the B5 S4's, and I'd imagine most euro cars. The engineering behind our vehicles is quite impressive, however unlike your fathers old Chevy pickup, replacing the heater core is a bit more involved than removing the glovebox.  For those NOT in the know, it essentially requires one to remove the dash, AND dash support to access the 2 screws holding the core in...  yes, $5 (on sale at least) part, held with 2 screws, requires dismantling your whole car. I keep thinking of a comment I heard a friend say. "Throw a couple reman engineers into a hole and give them a ladder, they'll fashion a couple shovels and wheel barrow to dig out of the hole"

For those soon to attempt, or about to, I used the old Audiworld tech article.. http://www.audiworld.com/tech/int54.shtml  Although his was an A4, and I believe a "pre-face lift" model, so some things I didn't have to do, well and others were slightly different.  I took my time removing everything, even using ziplock for many different sets of fasteners. and did some excessive "detailing" when reassembling, because well... when it's all apart its easy to get the rag and cleaner into that crease you never could get to.  All in all it took ~ 6 hours Saturday, and another 3 today (Sunday)..  BUT, I know all you all really care about is the  carnage pictures... SO, should you find yourself in a similar situation, heres what you have to look forward too.

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Re: Prepared the S4 for the Chilly months this weekend
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2016, 02:05:07 PM »

Good god....  hypno sorry

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